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Ulrick Mainghain - UM Créa,
As of my birth in 1982, I was born into creativity. Nevertheless, it was solely in 2015 that I was able to practice this innate artistic creativity of mine.

I am completely self-taught, and my inspiration comes from the beauty of animals, objects or any other things that attract my scene, and invite me to go even further.

My canvases are characterized by drops of paint that are able to symbolize fireworks. Life can sometimes be so bland and sad. We thus need a little bit of colors in our daily lives.

My technique is rather mixed. I usually employ whatever I can put my hands on. Nevertheless, I do prefer using acrylic paint, spay-on colors, and colorful markers.

Now, I do invite you to enter and thus discover my Art World. I do hope that these upcoming minutes of Art contemplation will give you the possibility to forget the blandness of your daily lives.