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Artists Kenneth Nkusi


KENNETH NKUSI, is a painter and an architect who holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Rwanda, in the college of Science and Technology. He is also an alumnus of 2017 Mandela Washington Fellowship that trains young African Leaders, where he received training in business and entrepreneurship from the University of New Mexico.

Kenneth grew up in Uganda, where his family fled to escape the violence against the Tutsi. Upon completing his architecture degree, Kenneth decided to paint on a part time basis and joined his 5 brothers, all painters, at the Inema Art Center in Kigali. He enjoys taking time to reflect his thoughts on canvas. Painting relieves him of the hard work of architecture and brings balance in his life. His paintings reflect his love for patterns, street life movement and nature in general.

Kenneth likes to teach young children to paint during the weekends. He believes that it helps them to overcome the fears of being creative as they grow up, and makes them capable of being future artists, architects or creative professionals. It’s his contribution to the Rwandan community that has few art schools.