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Élise Walter DOUBLE V , After a watchful inspiration of places, sounds, and views. My illustrations are of a very subjective manner. I do inspire myself of our encountering world, and of its countless stories. My drawings do tell the tales of a few rare ones. Nevertheless, I do believe that my drawings should allow one to find his or her way to interpret them. The Freedom of Expression indeed being of the essence. I do give a lot of space to numerous colors. Thus, I do create sometimes some drawings that do appear to have been nurtured in a sheer fantasy. As a graduate of the Visual School at the Beaux-Arts d’Épinal in France, my artistic passion propels me to inspire myself from numerous techniques such as serigraphy, lithography, printmaking, and tattoo making. However, color crayons will always remain my main artistic tool of choice. Lastly, I did develop a drawing method of a great precision, where I have inspired myself from a series images found in our natural world. Each drawing inspires me to start drafting yet another one and so on.

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