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Elisabeth Vanden Eynde a true native of Brussels, in 2008 she obtained Fine Arts degree. She started working as an Art teacher at the CFWB. She specializes in assisting mentally and physically disabled individuals.

Throughout her studies, she has had the opportunity to learn about different art techniques such as wood and copper carving, painting, film photography, 3D design, and observational drawing. She decided to deepen her painting abilities.

Influenced by the unique Japanese efficiency, trait and simplicity, but also by illustrated books for children. Elisabeth deeply appreciates these colorful and playful universes. She loves to paint big eyed animals. She gives each of these a specific expression, which can represent vertigo, seduction, dismay, reflection, and a deeper questioning of events. She does indeed paint animals, as they are truly a living creature. They are creatures that are deeply and always honest whatsoever.

In her acrylics artworks on her canvases, the background plays a major role in her art creations. Initially completely blank, but one that becomes nourished with inspiration once the artwork is fully completed.

In her aquarelles, one finds the same animalistic theme. Nevertheless, at this level one enters a universe that is far more refined and softer.

She also paints nature scenes throughout the seasons. She uses all of the color that one can encounter in our world. There is a true willingness to convey to the observer a world full of doubtlessness. Where one just wants to say out loud: “Life is full of beauty, fun and always look for the brighter side! It is healthier that way!”

Thus, she paints natural scenes that invites one to explore their beauty, serenity and colorfulness. Throughout her paintings, Elisabeth truly wants one to enter a world of imagination that one has known at one point in his or her childhood. The essential magic of painting is to create a world, where one can also add what he or she desires.

Her first art exhibition took place at Kiligalerie in 2010. She had three other following art exhibitions there.
In 2014, she participated at the Artist’s Path of Etterbeek. This has allowed her to be selected for an exclusive art exhibition at the Communal Hotel in 2016.
Other exhibitions followed at the Four Seasons Space in Stockel in April of 2017. As well as at Le Coach Restaurant in Montgomery in the Summer of 2017.